Get to know our core team and what makes them tick.


Justin Rossbacher / Director

Sees the soul of a project and brings it to life. Justin is passionate about creating a specific identity to each project through its sight, sound, and feel. He leads creative development and translates script to screen by directing the team through the creative aspects of preproduction, production, and post-production. Some Movie Favs: The New World, Interstellar, About Time, Playtime, Spellbound, Gattaca


Won Novalis / Editor

Finds the story within the story and brings it to its full potential. Won is a fast-paced editor who envisions the end goal and uses feeling and intuition to craft stories to their final stage. With his effective customized workflows, Won never fails to deliver. Some Movie Favs: Raiders of the Lost Arc, 12 Angry Men, Open Range, Stardust, Whiplash  


Codey Wilson /  Producer

Sees the big picture and has the trust of team to "make it so.” Codey is driven by working closely with agencies and in-house creatives to develop narrative-driven content that is timeless, effective, and true. He makes the creative team's vision possible while managing the realities of production. Some Movie Favs: Predator, Jurassic Park, Rocky, Logan, Blade Runner 2049