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Director: Kaitlin Scott

Post Production

Single Spot

The Seaport District

Seaport Summer

The Seaport District in New York City offers various upscale bars, restaurants, music venues, theaters, and galleries that attract a crowd looking for unique and tasteful experiences. Kaitlin worked closely with the creative team behind the Seaport District in bringing the vision for their Summer Campaign to life!.

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With the Seaport Summer Campaign, we wanted to evoke a sense of joyful escapism, offering a vision of the color and wonder that may be floating past us on any given day.



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Inspired by balloon artist, Geronimo, who created a long lasting balloon sculpture right in the Seaport District, we corralled hundreds of balloons together to guide our main characters through the cobblestone streets and wooden piers towards a high energy rooftop celebration, showcasing everything the Seaport District has to offer.

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It was important to align every department on the vision of the film throughout pre-production, production, and post-production. During initial location scouts, Kaitlin snapped photos of the various framing she envisioned for each scene, and put together visual shot lists for the crew and talent in order to maintain a unified vision and to eliminate potential miscommunication.

Initial scout photograph and concept

Initial scout photograph and concept

Final Image

Final Image


Working closely with the camera department and production design team, Kaitlin helped orchestrate all the moving pieces to work together to create each frame. Often helping pull literal strings off camera, Kaitlin wanted to bring the balloons to life to give them their own distinct interactions with the characters in the film. 

Whether the characters were jumping on a trampoline to “float” alongside the balloons, or running through the streets chasing after the balloons, each department had to work together to nail the shot.

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