Director: Justin Rossbacher
DoP: Ian Miller

  Post Production

Case Study: Foster Fuels

I Hope

In this charming spot for Foster Fuels, Abandon Films partnered with Foster’s in-house Producer to take a special look at not only romantic, but also parental, love at first sight. 

It’s a story all of us know, father and daughter, and the unbreakable bond between them as Dad prepares for the inevitable day his baby girl falls in love with someone else.


I HOPE is the love story of Emily and David, and the comforts that pushed their journey along while our heart strings are plucked by the visual poetry of director, Justin Rossbacher. Rossbacher was tasked with creating a compelling visual world for these characters to live in – head over heels boy entertains amused girl – and within this story there’s something for everyone.


A family owned business since 1921, Foster Fuels wanted to highlight the joys in life that come from family, and how the home is the primary hub for those memories. Foster specializes in creating comfort daily and wanted to portray warmth, not just in the products but also in the narrative.


“Although Foster Fuels had an idea, target, and small team, we lacked the creative manpower and large production knowledge to create the spot we really wanted.”

– Marybeth Dinges, Client In-House Producer


I HOPE explores universally understood moments of love at first sight and the warmth that comes with them. It’s that universal mentality that created an inspiring connection of love and protection that grows right before our eyes



Recognition for I Hope


Richmond Show

Bronze Award: I Hope- TV Spot Under 100k

Bronze Award: I Hope- Original Score

Western VA ADDY Awards

Silver Award: I Hope- Cinematography

Silver Award: I Hope- Original Score

Vega Awards

Canopus Award | Foster I Hope - Online Video, Advertisement