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Director: Justin Rossbacher
DOP: Lance Kuhns

  Post Production

Case Study: Carilion Clinic

The Farmer

They said nothing much would grow here.

At the core of The Farmer lies a powerful message of pursuit in the face of adversity and disbelief. Director, Justin Rossbacher, and DOP, Lance Kuhns, teamed together with Carilion Clinic’s internal marketing department and Abandon Films to create the unforgettable story of The Farmer.


The Farmer tells the brilliant story of Carilion Clinic’s early days and daily struggle; refusing to take no for an answer and committed to creating an ever increasing standard for medical advances. 



In order to honor the work of Carilion Clinic’s successes, our development team searched every detail of iconic fabled stories, and pulled together compelling writers and a talented production team to create a story worthy of representing a community of medical minds that saves so many lives. 

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Carilion Clinic’s The Farmer reminds us that with enough perseverance and gumption, the impossible becomes possible, and that impending success creates a ripple effect for the benefit of the entire community. 

They said nothing much would grow here. They don’t say that anymore.


Recognition for The Farmer

Telly Awards

Silver Award: The Farmer - Music

Silver Award: The Farmer - General-Hospital (over 200 beds)

Bronze Award: The Farmer - Directing

Bronze Award: The Farmer - Editing

Bronze Award: The Farmer - Videography / Cinematography

Bronze Award: The Farmer - Writing

District 3 ADDY Awards

District Gold: Original Scrore

District Silver: Sound Design

District Silver: Cinematography

Western VA Addy Awards

Gold Award: The Farmer- Cinematography

Gold Award: The Farmer- Video Editing

Gold Award: The Farmer- Music

Gold Award: The Farmer- Sound Design

Silver Award: I Hope- Cinematography

Silver Award: I Hope- Music

Richmond Show

Silver: Original Score


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