Director: Justin Rossbacher
DOP: Lance Khuns

Case Study: Carilion Clinic

The Farmer

Carilion wanted something fresh, new, and epic. 

They, like many Healthcare organizations, worked hard to build a strong reputation, but they wanted something that looked to the future, and with inspiration.

Carilion was known in the area as a hospital network, but it wanted also to be recognized for its renowned medical school and research institute. They were in a small community, but are growing and advancing to heights far beyond expectations.



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Behind the scenes


Abandon was hired not only to produce the commercial spots but to also partner with Carilion in the development process. Working under the guidance of Carilion’s in-house creative and marketing departments, Abandon focused on an in-depth analysis of Carilion’s needs and goals. A series of concepts were drafted and pitched, then narrowed down to a handful of final contenders. Two concepts were joined to create a down-home parallel, using a farmer, along with an epic score, and an original poem. 

Carillion Spot7.png