Abandon Films is a creative production house

What we do

We write, produce, direct, edit, and deliver. Complete a project form start to finish or if you’d rather, we do just some of things in between. However it looks, we are always working to get to the heart of the message and communicate it to the heart and soul of the audience.

Why we do it

We do it because we enjoy it. We do it because it matters. Whether its a painting, a book, a film, a commercial, or random expression, we believe that honest art really does make the world a better place.

How we do it

We take our two primary values and put them to work. Listening and sharing. Through a process of back and forth listening and sharing we create a shared art that works to touch the heart and souls of both our clients and ourselves... and as a result also the audience.

Who we work with

Those that believe in what they are doing and want to give people the feels. They often include, Agencies, Companies and Organizations, Film Producers, and independently wealthy storytellers.


Our values are simple and drive everything we do. We believe that the best relationships, the best stories, and the best commercials come by listening and sharing.



In today’s culture, we love taking about ourselves, but we know only by listening first can we understand and truly empathize with those around us: our clients, our collaborators, our audiences, and even ourselves. We focus on this value to drive our creative process.


Though our first value is listening, we know that there is no true connection without also sharing. But we are not about sharing what we think people want to hear or what we think will make ourselves look good, but rather honest, transparent, and vulnerable reality. It is only by this genuine approach can a relaxed, enjoyable, and safe place be reached. Once this place is reached then creativity has the the safety to express itself.